Cleansing Houses and Businesses

Just as people are affected emotionally and physically by traumatic events, energies of land and buildings are also affected by events and people. It might feel heavy or oppressive. This can range from wars and death, leaving residue energetically in the land, to houses that experienced emotional turmoil i.e. disputes, divorces, negative thoughts. The energy imprint is left, till cleansed, and people who are sensitive can pick up on this disharmonious energy which can be draining and disheartening. The opposite of this are Sacred Sites that have made use of ley lines in the earth, solstices and rituals to maintain the energy flow. The goal always is to have an area that flows in a harmonious way, and uplifts its inhabitants.

As well a particular area might have ghosts who inhabit because its familiar or gives them comfort in some way. However for those living there, it can become crowded dealing with entities who don't know how to go the light or don't want to. There are famous places like castles, the Vatican and battlefields that still have ghosts that remain in the area. Bill will clear energetically the land or structure to bring it back to its highest potential. Shawna will communicate and negotiate with the spirit to move on so as not to disrupt those who now live there in the present.

A clearing would be necessary if you get the feeling you would rather not be in to this home or workplace. Animals are sensitive to the beings in the astral plane and often change their behaviour. Sometimes there can be unexplained sounds, (walking, music, voices, knocking, objects falling, lights flickering or electrical objects not behaving normally). Sometimes adults or children will wake up in fear knowing someone who they do not know is present. Bill and Shawna have cleansed many places around the world as they travel, businesses and private homes. The clients feel a relief and every day living becomes less stressful.
House Clearing $250.00 an hour. Travel time cost also taken into consideration depending on how far.

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