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Shawna Ross

Counseling Services, Energy Healing and Holistic Health Practitioner

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Located in Caledon servicing Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. - Buddha

Shawna is a Medium and Counsellor who does Psychic Readings, Healings and Workshops. A Teacher and Shaman, with a degree in Social Work and over 20 years experience working with individuals and groups as an Intuitive Channeler.

A Reading or Session can involve:

  • Identifying Emotional Issues Psychically
  • Reading Past Lives
  • Communicating with Guides and Spirits or Ghosts,.a Medium
  • Clearing Toxic Energies from People as well as Residences & Businesses'
  • Mentoring
  • Energy Work
  • Healing
  • Empowering People with a speciality in Woman's groups
  • Teaching Psychic Development
  • Resolving Fertility Issues
  • Working with Addictions and Abuse
  • Relationship Counselling

This can be done in a individual consultation or via phone/Skype

Shawna's background began as a Social Worker but developed into a private practice. This natural ability to channel Universal energy and Consciousness allows her to give clarity and direction from the perspective of this lifetime and others. We often feel stuck, unworthy and confused so it is important to be able to clarify patterns from the unconscious that sabotage our chance for peace, success and happiness. In a loving way Shawna can highlight your skills from this lifetime and others and articulate the direction to go to to reach your full mastery in this lifetime. Shawna will connect and read your past lives to understand the full emotional and mental implication in this lifetime. From Shawna's Psychic background she will read other people in your life who are living in various relationships and how they affect us. As well Shawna can communicate to give messages from people who have passed on or your guides and angels in the unseen realms. Shawna has often been called on the clear negatives energies or spirits in houses or businesses

Available by Appointment Certified or Licensed Professional Woman Owned

With some health issues in Shawna's children, the path was then laid out early to pursue the Alternative Healing Journey. At this point, many types of courses in the Spiritual Realm were pursued to discover truth, health and a soul journey. This need to discover led to many courses like Meditation, Universal Technique, Attunements,. Body Language. Results Technique, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Attunements, Angel Channeling, Psychic Development and ultimately to courses that introduced the combination of psychically tuning into and releasing emotional blocks. This was the turning point, for it combined Shawna's background in Social Work counselling and natural psychic skills. This also led to world travel to Sacred sites to explore Ancient healing Stone Henge, New Grange, Sedona, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza and Giza in Egypt.

It was through the Spiritual Journey that Shawna discovered that the ultimate goal of healing is restoring hope and vision for oneself, family and the Earth. It is an opportunity to begin to heal those fragmented pieces of oneself that prevents us from feeling whole, safe and loved. By tuning into someone psychically, it gives more accuracy to determine the nature of the emotional or mental blocks that often remain unconscious. In order to facilitate the release of these blocked energies stopping our full potential, many avenues of healing courses are explored and utilised.

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