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Shawna is a Wholistic Counsellor , Social Worker and Medium who does Psychic Readings and workshops. A Teacher and Shaman with a degree in Social Work and over 20 years experience working with individuals and groups as an Intuitive .

With some health issues in one of her children, the path was then laid out early to pursue the Alternative Healing Journey. At this point, many types of courses in the Spiritual Realm were pursued to discover truth, health and a soul journey. This need to discover and explore led to many courses like Meditation, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Attunents, Angel Channeling, Results Technique, Universal Technique, Body language, Psychic Development and ultimately to courses that introduced the combination of psychically tuning into and releasing emotional blocks. This was the turning point, for it combined her background in Social Work counselling and natural psychic skills. This also led to world travel to Sacred sites to explore Ancient healing energy like Stone Henge in England, New Grange and Tara in Ireland, Sedona in Arizona, Machu Picchu,and Lake Titicaca in Peru. We went to Chichen Itza and Tulum in Mexico, and Giza and Karnac in Egypt .We visited the Sacred priestess site of Delphi, Sacred Isle of Delos and in Athens the Parthenon and temple to Neptune in Greece.

In Turkey there was the resting place of Mary the Mother of Jesus Ephesus, as well as Istanbul.. We have seen the Serpent mound in Ohio U.S. as well as visiting Spiritual places in Venice, Rome and Florence Italy. When you visit these sites you are able to bring back the vibration that has existed since they were created and share it with those people here who are open to it. We have visited the Scandinavian countries to connect with their energy and Gods and Goddesses like Odin, Thor and Freya. We have visited the Stone circles in England Ireland and France. We stood in the volcano in New Zealand and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. We have gone to India to experience their sacred sites and visited temples devoted to Buddha in Sir Lanka. We will continue to connect to all places in the world because all of a pieces of history help us understand ourselves and others better which helps us to understand the Universe.

It was through the Spiritual Journey that Shawna discovered that the ultimate goal of healing is restoring hope and vision for oneself, family and the Earth. It is an opportunity to begin to heal those fragmented pieces of oneself that prevents us from feeling whole, safe and loved. By tuning into someone psychically, it gives more accuracy to determine the nature of the emotional or mental blocks that often remain unconscious. In order to facilitate the release of these blocked energies stopping our full potential, many avenues of healing courses are explored and utilized .The ultimate goal to true healing of self and clients is to fully align with our whole self that includes everything we are from this lifetime conscious and unconscious . Our goal is to heal those patterns that do not serve our well being. In a session Shawna, will read emotional blocks from parents we have accumulated as well as connecting to the issues from past lives we are trying to heal.

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